Here at Vintage Recorders we have years of experience of transferring tapes. We transfer many recordings for a wide range of magnetic media such as tape, wire, magnetic discs and 8-track. We also repair old tapes which may not play properly. For instance, some tapes will not play on machines because of tape chatter (Horrible screeching noise). We can treat the tape for transfer or restoration for further use by the owner. Our methods have been very successful in repairing tape with oxide drop off too.

We also transfer Records, CD’s, Minidisc, DDS, and DAT.  Media such as Elcassette can be transferred but requires more time.

We can transfer from any known size of reel of ¼ inch tape, these sizes include 2", 2 ½" 3" 5 ¾", 6", 7", 8 ¼", 9", 10", 10 1/2" 11" and 12", all in any track and speed configuration which includes 15/16" 1 7/8" 3 ¾" 7 ½" 15" and 30" /sec, full and half track mono, half and quarter inch stereo and four track quadraphonic
We can transfer early wire recordings. There are two main types of recorder. One was the Chicago Webster and the second was the Pierce recorder. Many other brands are compatible with these two major manufacturers, all of which are transferable.

From the professional transfer department, some tapes come with no reel cheeks, making the tape impossible to play on the average recorder. We have the recorders which will play these tapes on platters keeping the tape safe from becoming damaged.
There are a few examples of wire recorders which need their original machines to allow transfers, such as this reel of Minifon wire. It will only play on the Minifon machine but we are able to transfer it.
We can also transfer Nagra SN, SNN and SNST tapes, these 1/8" tapes will only play on their designed recorder
We have a range of Studio machines for transferring tapes with high frequency response and good dynamic ranges. This machine will run at 30"/Sec and as slow as 1 7/8"/sec. All the duplicating machines have very high quality heads which are in great condition meaning the reproduction is as good as the tape itself can offer.

Our duplication machines have been selected for their top quality heads, their versatility and their kindness to tapes. This recorder has been adapted with interchangeable heads for different track formats and its clever electronics keep the tension on the tape constant at all times with no tape snatch and no extra strain. Most large machines will not play such a small reel but will just snap the tape. This recorder has had the tensions set so that it will not cause any damage to any sized reel from 2" to 12".

We can also transfer the more unusual Quadraphonic tapes in 3 ¾", 7 ½", 15" and 30", all on ¼" tape stock.

New to the list is the DDC cassette brought out by Philips, this style tape was designed to compete against the MD and the CD but sadly was not pioneered very well, it was short lived. We can transfer these tapes to CD despite their speed and their track layout.

All prices include media which it’s recorded on to, P&P is on average £5.50 to £15 depending on quantity of media transferred.


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