There we have an EMI BTR-2 reel to reel tape recorder for sale, instantly known for their role in the recordings of "the Beetles" in abbey road and that these machines where used from the early 50's and onwards internationally throughout the EMI worldwide studios and lets not forget the BBC who ordered thousands of these recorders as they were quite literally, the best money could buy!

I'm reluctantly offering this one machine for sale as I get asked many times, so basically if you are interested, send me an email with your best offers.


Currently this recorder isn't working, it's sold for restoration only


This is the overall of the recorder, there is no lid, no PPM driver (as it has a VU meter) and no P.A module ( both where optional extras when the machines were sold new)

The machine powers up and the tape transport works

the record and oscillator circuit is currently missing 2 X KT66

The record power supply works

The replay Amp PSU works as it should

The replay amp has been re-capped but is currently not working ( no output) it has the 15 IPS EQ circuit only

Empty spaces is for the optional extra PPM and PA module

Internal is tidy

Playing a tape at 15 ips ( second speed is 7.1/2 ips but the clock says 30/15 ips)

The Doors and handles are very clean, the case is very good as well.




Other notes

  • Mono full track recorder

  • Runs at 15 and 7.1/2 ips ( only 15IPS EQ installed)

  • VU version

  • No optional PPM or PA driver

  • Mostly complete, missing lid, rear covers and some components

  • 110 UK

  • 440 European Union

  • 990 USA

  • 2200 Asia and Far East

  • 3450 world wide delivery

All items will be covered with insurance as part of post and packing, you must check the item before signing for it, if an item is damaged in transit and has not been signed as such I will not be able to process an insurance claim.


This recorder is not currently working, the deck is working and the electronics are powering up but at the moment, there's no sound.
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