ELI L2B reel to reel


  This little recorder is very rare, these battery operated vale driven tape recorders were unique, EMI brought these out for filed recordings and proved to be very popular with the likes of the BBC and the famous David Attenborough, these battery operated machines were much more manageable compared to the large mains driven EMI machines or the 12V Leevers rich recorders of their days. The design of this recorder was very popular, once the stable transistor had come out the released this recorder as the R321 which offered better battery life, the valve machines require two 67.1/2 volt HT batteries and 8 X D-cells making it a heavy little recorder.

These machines had a power saving system were you have a hand crack rewind system, another battery saving technique was to remove the erase head, though you can not use a used tape on this machine for recording, the machine would record fine onto blank tape, using a record head and a seperate replay head which makes this machine quite unique.

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  • Mono full track record / playback

  • twin head, Record and replay

  • takes up to 5 inch reels only

  • full valve electronics

  • takes 8 X d-Cells and 2 X 67.5V cells

  • Crack rewind system

  • Runs at 7.1/2 IPS

  • £10 UK

  • £35 Europe

  • £59 USA

  • £142 Asia and Far East

  • £175 world wide delivery

All items will be covered with insurance as part of post and packing, you must check the item before signing for it, if an item is damaged in transit and has not been signed as such I will not be able to process an insurance claim.


This recorder has not been tested and is sold as is, as a collectors item, therefore three is no warranty on this sale.
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