Wanted list

  Below are some of the recorders I am currently looking for, if you have one of these for sale, please let me know via my email address available on the Contact page along with pictures of the machine being offered. These recorders do not have to be in working order, I would prefer them to be in complete clean condition.



As I don't own the machines below, these pictures have been found over the internet over many years, if you should happen to own the picture used, and wish to be credited or have it removed, please also Contact me and will make the requested adjustments.


The AEG K1 K2 K3 K4 or any other early AEG machines

Studer A27


EMI BTR-1, I am always after more of these


Nagra-T with meter bridge

Ampex 200A






Denon DN-85R

AKAI Pro 1000


Sony M-4

Stellavox SP9

Stellavox SP8

Stellavox SP7

Stellavox TD9

Stellavox TD-88

B&W Bowers & Wilkins speakers, I would love to get the 800D though the 801D and the 802D would be interesting too

brüel & kjaer 7001


MechLabor STM-810

Technics RS1800

Tascam ATR-60

Telefunken M20 or M21

Nagra MK II

Sony DASH PCM3402 or the K8113


Sony TC-770


Byer 77 MK I

Denon DH610S

Lyrec TR2

Maihak MK I MK II MK III and MK IV

Marconi Stille

Philips N4520

Philips Pro12

Philips Pro36

Technics RS-777

Nagra SNST

Tascam BR-20

Ampex 300-2 preferably in the portable case.

Mitsubishi X80 portable digital recorder


Philips EL3570

Dynavox ReVox T26

Sony G-type

MCI H 110

Studer A816

Teac X-2000R in silver

Teac X-2000R in black

Ferrograph Studio 8


I am missing this unit from my EMI BTR-2 portable, I am interested in complete BTR-2 machines

Any Tonschreiber machines or spares

Brenell IC2000

Crown 712 and 800


Leevers Rich E200, or Leevers Riche Series E, C, D or any of their valve machines

AEG Telefunken Magnetophon T8 or T9

Any EMI BTR-1 BTR-2 BTR-3 machines

Fostex A2

Leevers Rich series E 8 track

Leevers Rich Series C or any of their valve machines

Mechlabor STM-6

Mechlabor STM-10

Mechlador MEZ-28

Tonschreiber C or any Tonschreiber's

Philips EL3503

Philips EL3501

Stellavox SM5

Vorterxion WVC CBL5 CBL6

Leevers Rich Q series


Reflectograph RR102

Studer A820 either 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch






Ampex 300

Ampex 300A

EMI RE-301


Gerrograph Logic 7

Any Philips pre 1855 professional recorders

ReVox A700

ReVox B77

ReVox B77 MK II

ReVox C270

ReVox G36

Sony TC-440

Studer A62 VU

Studer A80VU with meters

Studer A80RC with meters

Studer A807 without meters

Studer A807 with meters

Studer A810 without meters

Studer A810 with meters

Studer A812

Studer B67 with meters

Teac X-700R black

Teac X-700R Silver

Teac X-1000R

Teac X-1000M

Black or silver

Technics RS1500

Studer A27 Modulometer driver unit


Technics RS-1700





These recorders requested do not have to be working but the do have to be complete, price offered will depend on their physical appearance and how complete they are, the working condition will pay little part in the overall price offered.

I may or may not require the item to be shipped to me depending on the distances involved and the size of the unit, collections may be reflected in the price offered.


I am also interested in other swaps or sales, please let me know.